Review: Riddell Youth Football Shoulder Pads – Protection and Comfort Guaranteed

Review: Riddell Youth Football Shoulder Pads – Protection and Comfort Guaranteed

Welcome to our latest product review on the Riddell Surge ​Youth Shoulder Pad! ​As football enthusiasts, safety is ​always a ​top priority when it comes to⁣ gear,‌ especially for⁤ younger players. That’s ​why we ⁤were excited to test out these shoulder⁣ pads to see how they stacked up in terms of protection and comfort on the field.

The Surge Youth Shoulder Pad boasts a number of key⁢ features, including integrated deltoid pads, a riveted back plate,⁣ PVC belts, and a velvet collar for added comfort. The‌ flat pad design sits‌ low on⁢ the‌ player’s shoulders, ⁣minimizing interference with ⁤helmet rotation, while‍ the adjustable belts ensure a secure and proper fit.

With the ‌potential risks that ⁤come ⁤with playing football, having ⁣reliable and effective protective equipment is crucial. Stay tuned ​as we dive deeper into our experience‍ with the Riddell Surge Youth Shoulder⁤ Pad and see how well⁢ it holds up ‍in ‍the ​heat of the game.

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The Surge Youth shoulder pad is a must-have for any young football player looking to stay protected on the field. With integrated‌ deltoid pads and a riveted back plate, this shoulder pad is designed to help reduce the risk ⁤of serious injuries while ​providing maximum comfort and⁤ flexibility.⁣ The PVC belts and‌ adjustable bodies ensure ⁢a proper fit, while the velvet collar adds an extra touch​ of ​comfort ​during gameplay. ‍The flat pad design sits ​low across the player’s ‍shoulder, minimizing interference with the helmet’s rotational range for optimal performance.

As a parent or coach,‌ safety is always a top priority when it comes to youth sports. The Surge Youth shoulder pad provides peace of mind ​knowing that ‍your player is well-protected during intense⁤ gameplay. With extended arches for added protection ‌and a durable⁣ construction, this shoulder pad is built⁣ to last season after season. Give your young athlete the protection they deserve with the Surge Youth shoulder pad.

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Key Features‍ and Benefits

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When it​ comes to the of ​this youth shoulder pad, we are‍ impressed by the thoughtful design that prioritizes ​both safety⁢ and comfort. The integrated deltoid pads ⁣help provide additional protection in a crucial area, while the riveted ​back plate adds an extra layer of defense for young players. PVC belts ensure that the shoulder pad stays ​securely in⁤ place, maintaining proper⁤ fit and protective placement.

Furthermore, the ‌velvet collar adds a ‌touch of luxury to the⁣ design, ensuring that young‌ athletes can focus on ⁢their game without discomfort. The removable and ​adjustable bodies allow​ for ‌customization, so players can tailor the shoulder pad to fit‌ their unique needs. With extended arches for ⁣added coverage and ⁤a flat ‍pad design that minimizes interference with helmet movement, this shoulder pad is a reliable choice for young football players looking ⁣for both safety and performance‍ on the⁢ field.Ready to gear up with the Riddell Surge Youth Shoulder⁤ Pad? Click here to get yours⁢ today!

In-depth ‍Analysis and Recommendations

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After conducting an ⁤in-depth analysis of the Riddell Surge Youth Shoulder Pad, we‌ have found‌ several features that⁤ make this‌ product​ stand out. The‌ integrated deltoid ‌pads provide extra protection‌ for the shoulders, while the‍ riveted back ​plate ensures durability and stability during intense gameplay. The PVC belts not only⁤ secure the shoulder pad in place for a proper ‌fit but also add an element‌ of customization for added comfort.

We highly recommend the Riddell Surge Youth ⁢Shoulder ​Pad for ⁣young​ football players looking for a reliable and secure‌ piece of equipment. With features like the⁤ velvet collar for comfort and ⁣removable/adjustable bodies for versatility, this ⁢shoulder pad offers both protection and flexibility on the field. Take ​your game to the next level with the ⁢Riddell Surge Youth Shoulder Pad⁤ -⁢ order yours today!

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Customer Reviews Analysis

Customer Reviews Analysis

After analyzing the ⁢customer reviews for the Riddell Surge Youth ‍Shoulder Pads, we‍ found that overall, the feedback was positive. Let’s‌ take a closer look at some of the key highlights:

Review Summary
My son love the way they fit him and how comfortable they feel Great fit and comfort
Highly recommend. Riddell products are 5 star. A brand you can trust!! Trustworthy brand with top-notch products
A ‌winner⁣ for your child good for lightweight solid pads Lightweight with solid protection
I hate the straps on the used pads and wanted⁢ small back support for my ‌little running ⁣back, these​ fit better, more⁤ secure, and are easy to hook ​up. Secure ‌fit with easy hook-up
Grandson loves Loved⁤ by ⁤kids
Good ⁣set of shoulder pads for​ my son. Comfortable and provides‌ great protection. Comfortable with great protection
Excelente Prdoducto Excellent product
Light weight, good protection Lightweight with good⁢ protection
Buen producto. Saben ⁣como o con que herramienta podria quitar facilmente los remaches del backplate? Good ⁤quality product
Excelente producto muy buena calidad! Excellent product with very good quality

Overall, the Riddell ​Surge Youth Shoulder ⁤Pads‌ seem to be a hit among customers, ‌offering a combination of comfort, protection, and quality that parents and children can trust. It’s clear that these shoulder ⁣pads are a popular choice for young ‌football players looking for a reliable and comfortable option.

Pros & Cons

Pros & Cons


  • Integrated​ deltoid pads ‍for added protection
  • Riveted back plate for durability
  • PVC belts for secure fit
  • Comfortable velvet collar
  • Adjustable/removable bodies for customized fit
  • Flat pad design minimizes interference with ⁢helmet ⁢rotation


Pros Cons
Integrated deltoid pads ‍for added ⁣protection May feel bulky for some users
Riveted back plate for ‌durability Not as lightweight as some other models
Comfortable velvet collar Velvet material may not ⁣be breathable

Overall, the Riddell Surge ⁣Youth Shoulder Pads offer ⁢a great balance of protection and comfort for young football players. With integrated deltoid pads, a durable riveted ⁤back plate, secure⁤ PVC belts, and a comfortable‍ velvet collar, ‌these shoulder pads ⁤provide the necessary protection while still being comfortable to wear. However, some users may find them bulky, not as lightweight as other models, and the​ velvet collar may not be ⁣breathable for extended use.


Q: How do I know what size to order for my child?

A: We suggest referring to the size chart provided by Riddell ⁣to ensure you get the proper fit for your child. It’s important to measure your child’s chest‍ circumference to determine the right size ⁢shoulder pads.

Q: Are these shoulder pads suitable for all positions on⁢ the football field?

A: ⁣Yes, the Riddell Surge Youth Shoulder Pads are designed to be versatile and suitable for players in any position. ‍They provide protection‌ and comfort for​ players of⁢ all levels.

Q: Can the deltoid pads be removed or adjusted?

A: Yes, the​ integrated deltoid pads on the Surge Youth Shoulder Pads can‍ be removed or adjusted‍ for a customized fit. This allows for greater flexibility and comfort during⁢ play.

Q: Do these shoulder ⁢pads come with a warranty?

A: Riddell offers a limited warranty​ on ⁢their products, including the Surge Youth Shoulder‌ Pads. Be⁤ sure to check‌ with ‍the retailer or contact Riddell‍ directly for more information⁢ on the ⁤warranty policy.

Q:⁤ Are these ⁣shoulder pads easy to clean and maintain?

A: The Surge Youth Shoulder Pads are made with durable materials that are easy to clean and maintain. We recommend wiping them down ⁣with a damp cloth ⁤after each use​ to keep them ‌in good condition.

Experience Innovation

As we wrap up our⁢ review⁣ of the Riddell Surge Youth Shoulder Pads, we ‌can confidently say that these pads⁢ offer both protection ⁢and ⁣comfort for young ⁣football players. With features like integrated deltoid pads, a riveted back plate, PVC belts, and a velvet collar, these shoulder pads are designed to keep young athletes safe on the field.

While we understand that football is a ⁢high-impact sport with inherent risks, having the⁢ right protective gear like the ‍Riddell‍ Surge ⁤Youth Shoulder Pads can help minimize ‍those risks. Remember, safety always comes first!

If you’re interested in providing your child with top-notch protection on‌ the field, consider checking out the Riddell Surge Youth Shoulder Pads on Amazon. ‍Just click the link below to ⁤learn more:

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Stay safe​ and play hard!

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As passionate football enthusiasts, we understand the importance of finding the perfect shoulder pads for our young players. That’s why we were thrilled to try out the Riddell Surge Youth Shoulder Pad. From the moment we laid eyes on them, we could tell these pads were designed with both protection and comfort in mind. The durable construction and innovative technology provided our players with the peace of mind they needed on the field, knowing they were safe from any hard hits. Despite the excellent protection, we were pleasantly surprised by how lightweight and breathable the pads were, allowing for maximum mobility and airflow. Overall, we highly recommend the Riddell Surge Youth Shoulder Pad for any young football player looking for top-notch performance and safety.

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